Established in 1958 Xtra has provided the world with insulating products for over 5 decades. Our innovative technologies and creative designs have consistently gone hand in hand with the enjoyment of coffee & tea.

We provide nothing other than constant perfection in our products, something we have always stood for.

Our excellent quality is not only our goal, it is what makes Xtra just a little bit better and what makes Xtra just a little more special.



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We guarantee nothing short of premium quality both in our glass or stainless steel refill bottles. This is ensured by our reputable vacuum technique, our infallible assembly and manufacturing processes.


Our Quality

Quality is our promise to you…

We are obsessive about quality control and have a strict regime in place to ensure that all our products are of the highest standard. Each item undergoes a thorough examination at every stage of production before it is packaged ready for the customer. Particular attention is paid to heat resistance and functionality to ensure the high standards associated with XTRA are maintained.



With our meticulously tested silicon gasket and with the precision manufacturing you expect from us all our products are simply leakproof.



Recognizing the need for a cleaner environment, XTRA uses only asbestos-free materials and makes great efforts to ensue glass, PP, PE, ABS, PVC, silicone and paper materials are recycled and recyclable to make one step closer to a sustainable planet.



Our innovative "Soldering System", replaces the traditional "Tube Vacuuming" method of creating our stainless steel liners. This skill ensures a more effective vacuum in the jug. Of course with this technology present, a simpler and stronger base is achieved which ultimately ensures our flasks stay hotter, and colder, for longer.

dishwasher safe

Dishwasher Safe

Because we used top quality materials and state of the art manufacturing many of our products are dishwashable, allowing for low maintenance and ease of care.



Intensive quality control and rigorous inspection on all aspects of manufacture, including function durability and insulation enable us to proudly offer the 10 year heat warranty for all of our products.



As part of commitment to excellence, our products are designed to reach strict international quality standards, including LFGB, REACH, Mercosur and all the other country specific requirements. The industry benchmark of the European standard DIN EN 12546-1 not just a standard, it is our motto.



A majority of our S.S. lined products are produced in corrosion-free stainless steel to ensure durable, long-time use.



XTRA hard glass liners are made from top quality new and recycled raw materials. They are made by our craftsmen using traditional hand and mouth blowing techniques to guarantee the ultimate performance for heat retention and shock resistance.



Our glass liners are produced by our craftsmen using a superior "non-welding" system. This gives the liner a considerably higher resistance to shocks, knocks bumps and general 'wear and tear' during its lifetime. As our stainless steel refill products are made by heavy gauge S.S. they also offer the highest degree of shock and high impact resistance as well.



With our integrated pouring system, our products can easily be used with to dispense your beverage with one hand, making serving simple clean and above all effortless.



Our vacuum products are made by a highly skilled and specialist workforce using state of the art machinery to ensure up they perform consistently at their best, keeping their contents hot or cold up to 24 hours.



Our double wall high quality glass refill is the strongest possible. We have the optimum five layers in our design.

  • 2 glass layers for aroma preservation
  • 2 silver layers for heat reflection
  • 1 vacuum layer for the best thermal insulation


Our Design

To create designs for you, we keep our mind open. We aim to deliver moments of enjoyment for coffee & tea means to have an antenna for what the trend will be tomorrow – and not today. In this vein we look and listen to the vibes of the market before we decide on to develop new product line. We design items not only to fits your lifestyle, but also to make it a functionally utility which helpful for your life. Our items have to convince functionally and catch the eyes.